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We are
manufacturers of fine
Iowa craft beer.

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E18 Brewing Co. was started by a couple guys who enjoyed the culture and camaraderie of craft beer and dreamed of having their own brewery one day. Well, that one day was in the fall of 2019 when Tom and Gabe met and realized they had a lot more in common than just enjoying craft beer. They both had a history of working hard in the print industry, they both had families, they both enjoyed working hard at something they had a passion for and reaping the benefits from it. They realized they both had a deep waiting commitment to creating a uniquely Iowan craft brewery ... they just needed each other!


E18 Light

     American Lager     |     4.2% ABV     |     12 IBU     

E18 Light American Lager is our premier light lager. It's actually our ONLY beer we brew! I know, crazy right? Well, we figure we'd rather be great at one thing, than mediocre at a ton of things. We're not finding fault with how others do things, we're just confident that this is the right road for us. ... for now at least.

Distributing to Iowa

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We brew our beer with care and we distribute it with care. From our home to your tap.

Currently we are distributing to following areas:

Boone    |    Ames    |    Des Moines

Pella    |    Newton    |    Altoona

If you are in a different area and would like to inquire about distribution, please contact us below!
We'd love to talk to you!


Currently on tap at ...

We are proud to partner with strong Iowa businesses! If you would like to inquire about partnering with us, please contact us below.

Here is a list of where our beer is currently on tap. We would greatly appreciate it if you would visit and support these wonderful establishments. 

The E18 Team.

We're a dynamic duo ... a one-two-punch ... a couple guys that love beer and love Iowa. 

Let's Talk!

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2108 130th St
Boone, IA 50036




Available by appointment only.

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